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Family Dentistry

We are committed to providing lifelong care and support for all of your dental health care needs. We treat you, and your entire family, like our own family at our practice!


Consulting child on tooth care and treatmentWe are a family practice and we love kids! Our team is trained to help patients of all ages have a comfortable appointment every time they visit. Early experiences with the dentist can influence a person’s dental care for the rest of their lives. We strive to help kids learn about oral health care and prevent anxiety and fear from ever entering the picture! We see children of all ages too. A child’s first dental visit should be scheduled within six months of the appearance of their first tooth and no later than their first birthday according to the American Dental Association.


A regular fluoride treatment plan helps maintain a healthy, white smile. We recommend fluoride treatment for adults AND children at Conway Village Dental. The latest research shows that fluoride is just as important for fighting tooth decay as we age as it is for strengthening and protecting newly developing teeth in kids. Fluoride is most effective when applied topically. The in-office procedure we use is simple, painless, and fast.


Child receiving SealantEven kids who brush twice a day can still get small cavities. Tiny creases in back teeth can be challenging to clean. These are the perfect traps for food and bacteria and young teeth are more vulnerable to decay. Sealants, along with regular exams and routine cleanings, are an excellent noninvasive, preventive procedure that protects back teeth and keep them healthy while they grow and strengthen.
Sealants are not just for kids! They can be an excellent preventative measure for adults who don’t have decay or fillings in their molars and can be easily added to your dental care plan.

Sports Mouth Guard

Young athletes need customized sports mouth guards to protect their teeth. Drugstore, or over the counter mouth guards, are less effective and of lower quality than ones made by your dentist. For a mouth guard to work it’s best it must be of the proper thickness, size and fit. A quality mouth guard minimizes the risk of broken teeth and injuries to your lips, tongue, face or jaw. Care and replacement are important especially for young kids and teenagers because their mouths are still growing.

White Mountain Orthodontics

Because a healthy bite and beautiful alignment is part of comprehensive dental care, we are excited to announce that Dr. Burton L. Rankie and his team at White Mountain Orthodontics will be working out of our office to provide high quality orthodontic care right here in the Valley! You can now schedule an appointment for orthodontic consultation with Dr. Rankie in our convenient Conway location.

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