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Periodontal & Gum Disease

Healthy gum tissue surrounding your teeth is required to keep your natural teeth healthy and strong. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that attack the tissues and bone around the teeth. Our clinical team is trained to recognize signs and symptoms of periodontal disease which are not always easy to detect. We will evaluate and then make a cleaning and maintenance plan that is best for your situation.


Consulting a child on healthy brushing habitsA good home care routine can help prevent periodontal disease. Brushing and flossing, eating a healthy well-balanced diet, and giving up unhealthy habits like smoking will help you keep your natural teeth in good condition. Regular checkups and professional cleanings every 3, 4 or 6 months are key to maintaining periodontal.

Treatment Plan

Removing plaque, tartar or calculus on your root surfaces is called scaling, root planning, or debridement. Our hygienists are trained to clean and control periodontal issues. If you have not had a dental cleaning in a significant amount of time, you may have accumulated plaque/tartar that is detectable on xrays. In those cases we can recommend a cleaning plan that may include 3-4 visits a year to best prevent, and or manage the periodontal disease.

Root Canal Therapy

Our clinical team is trained to detect abscesses, or decay in your teeth before they reach the stage where you might need a root canal. The most common symptom of infection that might require root canal is persistent pain in a single tooth. It is not unusual to feel some anxiety about having a root canal, but the procedure is one of the best ways to relieve swelling and pain caused by severe decay. Tooth loss is the likely outcome if the tooth is if left untreated.

If a root canal becomes necessary, we can perform the root canal treatment for you in the convenience of our office. In most cases, and with the state of the art technology we use, root canal treatment feels just like a filling.

A patient receiving a root canal


Our team at Conway Village Dental is compassionate and understanding about you and your dentures. There are many denture options available today to complement your individual dental, personal, and financial needs. We offer full conventional dentures to replace all of the teeth on one or both jaws. Partial dentures are made to work with your existing teeth and supported by adjacent teeth. Implant supported dentures, or overdentures, can be made with the placement of dental implants and a denture appliance that can snap on and off the implants. This is the most stable and long-lasting denture solution.

Complete denture

Removable partial denture

Based on your needs and your preferences, we can design and build you a beautiful, custom set of dentures. Our goal with every denture patient is to maintain your natural teeth and preserve your natural facial structure. We want your dentures to make your life easier and more comfortable.

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